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Purchasing a new car battery

Did you know that we offer a vast selection of batteries, all of which are designed to meet a variety of different needs?

Whether you’re an off-road fanatic or a young professional who travels long distances, one thing’s sure: we have a battery that’s been specially designed for you!

In this buyer’s guide, you’ll find all the points to consider when buying a new battery for your car. You’ll also learn about the differences between the available products. After all, knowledge is power and that’s what batteries are all about.

Psst! Don’t worry, you don’t need to memorize everything: you’ll also find a summary table at the end of this buyer’s guide.

Simply put, your battery is a bank of energy that empties every time you start up your car. Much like a basic charger, your alternator recharges your battery when you drive.

If your battery doesn’t have enough energy to start up the engine, your day may not go as planned…

To ensure a successful start-up, your battery must be charged by the alternator when you drive or by an external charger. Remember though, it can take some time for the battery to fully charge.

If your application isn’t powered by the right sort of battery, the battery will discharge prematurely and won’t last as long.

By choosing an appropriate battery for your vehicle, you’ll be able to avoid any unwanted start-up issues. What’s more, you’ll enjoy peace of mind for years to come!

Factors to consider

Age of the car

The older your car, the more energy it requires to start up. We therefore recommend you choose a battery that is more powerful than your previous one.

For how long would you like to keep your car?

Are you planning on keeping your car for several years? Remember that certain batteries remain more powerful over time and last longer than others.

The effect of accessories on your car battery

Is your car equipped with the latest gadgets (heated seats, reverse camera, alarm system, etc.) or a Start-Stop system?

If so, remember that accessories can empty your battery if you use them when the engine isn’t running.

Compared to traditional batteries, that wouldn’t stay charged in this context, the BOLT AGM and the BOLT 99 offer superior charge/discharge capacity.

Luxury vehicles

Luxury cars (Mercedes, Audi, BMW, etc.) tend to have high-tech computers on board that use a considerable amount of energy.

The BOLT AGM and the BOLT 99 are ideal for these types of cars.

What happens when it’s freeeezing cold outside?

Your engine requires more energy to start up during cold weather. What’s more, if your battery has discharged because of the cold, it can freeze!

The cold really does have a big impact on the performance of your battery. And, unfortunately, there’s no way of predicting how long cold spells can last. That’s why we believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Certain batteries have been specially designed to offer optimal performance—even when it’s cold outside—and endure extreme temperatures. A charger can also help ensure your battery remains fully-charged.

Types of use

Regular usage

Do you use your car almost every day and regularly travel long distances? The good news is that your alternator has enough time to recharge your battery during long trips.

Waiting in the car

When waiting for someone in the car, we tend to leave different accessories turned on. If this happens to you regularly, choose a battery with sufficient reserve capacity and avoid any unwanted surprises.

Short journeys and frequent starts

Do you work close to home? Are you a taxi driver? Do you drop your children off at school in the morning? Remember: the alternator doesn’t always have time to fully recharge your battery on short journeys.

Choose a battery that has been designed for short journeys or use a charger for total peace of mind.

Occasional usage

A battery loses around 1% of its charge per day when not used. If you use your car once a week or on a seasonal basis, make sure you have a charger and/or battery that’s adapted to your needs.

Lots of vibration?


Do you often drive off-road, or do you have a big engine? Shock and vibrations can harm your battery and even damage it for good. Thankfully though, batteries that have been specially designed for vibrations are available on the market.

Diesel engine

Diesel engines require a higher peak power to start up. Certain batteries have been designed for this sort of usage.

At home

Do you have access to an outdoor electric outlet?

When it’s really cold outside, it’s a good idea to connect a charger to your car battery.

You may otherwise decide to opt for a more powerful high-tech battery. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Garage or underground parking?

Since your car will be protected from the cold, you don’t necessarily need high-tech batteries that are designed to resist the cold.

Are your needs going to change in the near future?

If big changes are on the way (family, retirement, professional car, etc.), it may be a good idea to choose a battery that will meet your future needs to help you transition towards your new lifestyle with peace of mind.

Different examples:

Mother of young children

Annabelle drives a Dodge Caravan. Her car is a few years old and has very few accessories. She starts up her engine on a regular basis (day care, school, karate classes, etc.) and doesn’t want to be caught out this winter—managing her family is tricky as it is.

Recently retired

Since his retirement, George uses his car once a week to get out and about in his home town and leaves his car outside during winter. His battery will discharge because he doesn’t use his car that much. We strongly recommend he chooses the Bolt AGM or the BOLT + with a charger.

Normal usage

Henry uses his car, which is now 3 or 4 years old, for both short and long journeys. He’s planning to change his car in 2 or 3 years.

The adventurer

Pat loves his Jeep and always takes good care of it. He recently installed a winch on his vehicle for his off-road adventures. The BOLT AGM and the BOLT 99 would be ideal for Pat: they can both handle the vibrations caused by off-road driving and provide enough power for his on-board accessories.

lives for his Mercedes

Antonio takes really good care of his Mercedes. He even protects it from the cold during winter by storing it in a garage. We suggest that he chooses the AGM battery for two reason: first, his battery will discharge when he stores his car away for the winter, and second, luxury cars tend to have on-board computers that consume a lot of energy.

Fan of the outdoors

Jack prefers the wilderness to busy cities and loves hunting and fishing. But, unfortunately, the places he loves the most have dangerous roads, and sometimes no internet or telephone signal. The last thing he wants is to get stuck in the middle of the woods—and we don’t blame him!

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