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The headquarters of Batteries Expert located at 700 Grand Bernier Nord Road in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

Batteries Expert is your one stop shop for all your portable and alternative energy solutions for a wide variety of applications!

At Batteries Expert we are conscious of the constant challenges to offering the best solutions in terms of efficiency, therefore providing you with a wide range of energy products ensuring high-performance, reliability and durability.

Button cells and small batteries

We supply all the button cells and small batteries for all the small applications that serve you greatly in your daily life: cordless phones, mobile phones, LMR radios, watches, hearing devices, personal devices, etc.

Sealed batteries

We have all the answers for both cyclic and standby applications: alarm systems, UPS, and more.

Batteries - Starting, Deep Cycle, Hybrid, Pure lead

All our batteries meet or exceed OEM quality requirements and are built to exact BCI standards, ensuring performance and reliability to provide great starting and operation: vehicles, boats, RV, ATV, heavy machinery, specialized equipment, first responders, etc.

Alternative energies

We provide a wide range of product to complete all your small-scale or more ambitious renewable energy projects: LED solutions, wind power and solar energy, eco-efficient products, and more!

At Batteries Expert, we take pride in making a difference for the environment through our program, Call 2 Recycle®. Bring your used batteries to our nearest store and contribute to our mission of responsible recycling. In 2023, thanks to your active participation, we proudly collected 9268 kilograms of batteries, earning us the title of Leader in Sustainability. Raising awareness about the importance of battery recycling is at the core of our concerns. Our priority is to create a positive impact on the environment and implement solutions to encourage responsible battery recycling.
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