A financial group led by Champlain Financial Corporation invests in TCED INTL Inc.

TCED INTL Inc. (TCED) and Batteries Expert, a leader in the retail and distribution of batteries in North America, are proud to announce a financial partnership with a consortium of Quebec investors. The group, led by Champlain Financial Corporation, includes participation from Fondaction, Roynat Equity Partners, Infilise Group, and Soucy Group.

This strategic partnership marks a key milestone in the trajectory of TCED and Batteries Expert, paving the way for accelerated growth and consolidation of their presence in the North American market.

The Rozon family, founders and shareholders for 60 years, retains a significant stake in the company. Élise Rozon, representing the third generation of the family, also continues her role as President and CEO of the company. Joining the board members, Mr. Philippe Infilise, will assume the position of Chairman of the Board.

"This is an exciting new chapter for TCED," declares Élise Rozon, President. "This stimulating partnership will allow the company to further accelerate its growth and support the company in the next phase of its development."

"Our partnership with Batteries Expert reflects our appreciation for companies with a strong local presence. We are pleased to collaborate with Batteries Expert, a brand known for its quality, which reinforces our commitment to supporting promising companies in Quebec," said Pierre Simard, Managing Partner of Champlain Financial Corporation.

About TCED INTL Inc.

Located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, TCED INTL Inc. is a Quebec company operating a franchise network with 60 retail stores under the Batteries Expert brand. Additionally, TCED distributes products in the Canadian and American markets, offering batteries, chargers, and renewable energy products. A third-generation family business, TCED has established a solid supplier base in Canada, Asia, and the United States and offers a complete and varied range of well-known brands at competitive prices.

About Champlain Financial Corporation

Champlain is a Canadian private equity firm based in Montreal. It manages a portfolio of private investments that currently includes various investments in Canada and the United States. Its priority is to add value to its partners, SMEs wishing to grow domestically and internationally, by providing equity capital, financing, and operational management expertise.

About Fondaction

A forerunner in sustainable finance for the past 25 years, Fondaction brings together individuals and companies that are mobilizing for the positive transformation of society, taking action to make Québec’s economy more equitable, inclusive, green and successful. As a labour-sponsored fund, Fondaction represents tens of thousands of investors and hundreds of businesses committed to stimulating Québec’s progress. It manages net assets of more than 3.34 billion dollars as of May 31, 2023, invested in hundreds of businesses and on the financial markets, favouring investments that generate positive economic, social and environmental spinoffs in addition to a financial return. Fondaction helps create and maintain jobs and reduce inequalities while contributing to the fight against climate change. For more information, visit fondaction.com or our LinkedIn page.

About Roynat Equity Partners

Roynat Equity Partners facilitates growth and creates value in established private middle-market companies by offering patient capital, advice, and making its network of contacts available to Canadian entrepreneurs. With offices from coast to coast, Roynat is dedicated to helping businesses grow and achieve their strategic goals. Roynat Equity Partners is a division of Roynat Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Scotiabank. To learn more, please visit www.roynat.com.

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