Maintenance guide

Do’s and Don’ts of Using and Maintaining Deep Cycle Batteries

Adhere to the maximum recommended discharge level

If you discharge your battery excessively, the number of cycles it can provide will be permanently reduced. What’s more, whether you use your battery regularly or occasionally, It's important to choose choose a charger that’s adapted to your needs.

80 %
50 %

Please note that certain technologies are specially designed for deeper dischargers and faster charging.

Charge your battery within 24 hours of using it

If you don’t charge your battery within 24 hours, its performance will deteriorate considerably.

Quick tip: you can wait up to a whole week before charging a lithium battery!

Keep it charged between each use

Certain batteries can lose up to 30% of their charge per month. Recharge your battery once a month or keep it connected to a smart charger that’s designed for your battery.

Verify the level of electrolyte

Do you have a battery that requires watering maintenance? Once a month, add distilled water, if necessary, to ensure that the plates remain covered in electrolyte solution.

Remember that the hotter it is and the more often you use your battery, the faster the electrolyte solution will evaporate.

Make sure you follow safety guidelines when working with a lead-acid battery.

Shield it from the harsh winter

Store your battery in a dry place between 0°C and 20°C, keep it charged and disconnect any loads. Also, ensure that nothing touches the terminals to avoid short circuits.

Protect it from shocks and vibrations

Unlike AGM and lithium batteries, conventional lead-acid batteries are not designed to be exposed to excessive shocks and vibrations.

Want to measure your battery’s state of charge? This handy tool will help!

Charge state (%)
100 %
90 %
80 %
70 %
60 %
50 %
40 %
30 %
20 %
10 %
Relative density
Voltage (12 V)
12,65 V
12,57 V
12,5 V
12,45 V
12,36 V
12,28 V
12,2 V
12,12 V
12 V
11,85 V
11,40 V
Voltage (6 V)
6,33 V
6,29 V
6,25 V
6,23 V
6,18 V
6,14 V
6,10 V
6,06 V
6 V
5,95 V
5,70 V
Freezing point
-60 °C
-55 °C
-42 °C
-37 °C
-30 °C
-23 °C
-20 °C
-18 °C
-14 °C
-12 °C
À -10 °C
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