SOLAR Energy


Benefit from an autonomous energy system which can be adapted to suit a variety of applications, thus allowing you to take full advantage of your electric appliances when an external AC-source is limited or unavailable. Your renewable solar energy system requires minimal maintenance and will entirely be tailored to your needs to ensure safe energy supply, consistent with your consumption. As your energy needs may increase in the future, you will simply have to adapt your installation to accommodate the additional requirements! Green energy offers a variety of opportunities easily accessible to all with an approach based on sustainable development and respect for the environment.


You simply have to list all the electrical appliances, lighting or other equipment you intend to operate with your solar energy system, carefully noting their maximum current draw and usage time. Then visit your nearest Batteries Expert store and let us guide you through each step of your project.

Energy consumption calculation*:

Refrigerator 12V 25W/h (24 h = 600W)
40" LED flat screen TV 115W/h (3 h = 345W)
Blu-ray player 35W/h (3 h = 105W)
Laptop computer 200W/h (1 h = 200W)
5 LED lights 12 V 11W/h x 5 (4 h = 220W)
Microwave oven 1500W/h (15 min = 375W)

Daily average consumption: 1845 W
I go to my cottage 2 days/week

*Figures are provided for illustrative purposes only. Power consumption may vary according to the type of appliance and usage time.

The solar output of your system is calculated using the average number of maximum sunlight hours per day.



Energy consumption patterns change and may vary with future possible add-ons of appliances and extended usage time of your actual system. Hence, the importance to plan ahead and anticipate unforeseen additional power consumption, enabling to easily alter your system accordingly, and therefore allowing you to take full advantage of maximum energy efficiency.


Wind generators will derive greater efficiency from constant wind, such as open water wind. A wind generator is an ideal solution if your cottage is located on a flat and open area, free from surrounding obstacles to the wind flow. Have you ever thought about a hybrid generating station? At night your wind generator charges your batteries and on sunny days the solar panels combine their power!


Alternative energy give you the flexibility to build your system in 12, 24 or 48 volts. The size and voltage of your system can be increased or adjusted to suit your needs and environment. Visit your nearest Batteries Expert store and discover helpful options.


Energy reserve, production and management

Each solar energy system is customized to its owner. Hence the importance to determine the desired autonomy of the system and its load. Visit your nearest Batteries Expert and your expert will assist you in finding the best solutions to meet your needs in order to built or maximize your solar energy system.

Energy conversion - 12 V to 120 V

An inverter converts low voltage, direct current (DC, 12 V) into alternating current (AC, 120 V) or house current, enabling to power all your favorite appliances and devices wherever you are.

The ‘‘must’’ have ecoenergetic products

"Ecoenergetic attitude" also means to maximize the performance of your solar energy system by reinforcing low energy consumption. How to do so? Simply use energy-efficient appliances and devices entirely compatible with your system and you will by far maximize your autonomy, thus allowing you to fully enjoy time at your cottage, RV, or other.

From small to ambitious projects, we’re in!

Batteries Expert cumulates 20 years of experience and knowledge in renewable solar energy. You will benefit from professionals in the field, providing you with the best advice and assistance in making the right choice to get the most satisfaction out of your equipment and appliances. Talk to an expert, partner of all your projects!

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